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Our letter to the press about the Human Rights Act

We sent this letter to the local press today, as part of our campaign about to keep the Human Rights Act.

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Government threats to scrap the Human Rights Act would be a disaster for every one of us in the UK, but would also risk unravelling human rights progress across the world.

British people have fought for their human rights over generations and in other countries people continue to risk their lives and liberty to get them.

Now our hard-won rights stand to be taken away with the stroke of a politician’s fountain pen.

Despite the myths peddled about the Human Rights Act protects 16 precious rights and freedoms.  It helps the elderly, the sick and the most vulnerable.

Whilst dictators around the world might rub their hands in glee at the British government’s plans, everyone else should be deeply concerned. Please join Liverpool Amnesty International Group in calling on the government to ‘Save the Act’ at

 Yours sincerely,

Linda Bacon

Chair, Liverpool Amnesty International Group"

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