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South East Regional Conference

Amnesty International   

South East Regional Conference

United Reformed Church
83 Portsmouth Road, Guildford GU2 4BS

Saturday 4th March 2017

Free entry but donations welcome for tea/coffee and towards Amnesty International expenses.


9.30 am onwards.Coffee/tea   Registration

10.00 am              Maggie Hamilton (Chair of Guildford & Haslemere Group)

                             Welcome to Ruth Breddal (Chair of Board of AIUK), Felix Jakens (Head of Campaigns at                                      AIUK), Rosalyn Parker (Director of Corporate Services) and Krisztina Sáróy

10.10 am              Krisztina Sáróy (Country Coordinator for West Africa) 

                             “Fighting Bok​o​ Haram - Human rights abuses committed in the name of security"

11.10 am               Coffee/tea

11.30 am               “Good news”.

                              Please bring a name written large on a piece of A4 (landscape) of someone released from                                     prison or from death row by an Amnesty campaign for a large display and photograph. If there                               is room add a picture or details of country and the release. Prepare to read out the name and                               details for good news.

12.30 pm               Lunch.  Bring sandwiches or go to local café. There are 5 possibilities within a few minutes                                   walk. 1 hour max.

1.30 pm                 Brainstorm. Brainstorm on “Strengthening Local Groups”. Split into 6 groups to find ways of                                   making our groups more attractive and useful.

2.40 pm                 Tea/coffee

3.00 pm                 Personal view by Philip Strudwick. “Alms Not Arms: Linking arms sales to refugees and                                         changing Amnesty’s attitude to use of force.”

4.00 pm                 Close. Maggie and Philip

Please fill in evaluation forms before you leave and hand to or post to Philip Strudwick.

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