SW Regional Amnesty International Conference - 21st Feb 2015, Exeter

This year's regional conference will take place  in Exeter at the Mint Methodist Church conference centre on Saturday 21 February 2015. 

We are delighted that, as in 2014,  we will have with us a Human Rights Defender currently  residing at the Centre for Applied Human Rights at York University (which runs a Fellowship programme for Human Rights Defenders at Risk) who will be talking to us about the extremely challenging circumstances in which they work and the role that Amnesty plays in supporting them.

Naomi McAuliffe AIUK campaign manager will give us an update on the contribution we can make in the UK to the current global campaign on health and reproductive rights, My Body, My Rights.

Laura Trevelyan, Advocacy Co-ordinator for AIUK will be talking about our forthcoming work to defend the Human Rights Act as we move ever closer to the General Election in May where this is likely to be a significant and controversial issue.

There will be a number of workshops/small group sessions many of which will be lead by AIUK country coordinators. There will  be sessions on the human rights situations in North Africa, Ethiopia, the Balkans and Europe.

We will also run a very quick action in the city centre, to raise awareness of human rights issues and Amnesty International campaigns.

The day will run from 10am to 4pm, at a cost of £6 (or £3 for students) to cover lunch which is provided. To book a place, please email Chris Ramsey before 15 February on: christoramsey@gmail.com

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