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Good news slot for September

Thanks to Pam Thickett's efforts - sadly good news is not always so easy to find - here is the latest round of cheering developments:



The International Court of Justice has ordered Senegal to abide by the Court's decision to prosecute former Chad President Hissene Habre on charges of large-scale human rights abuses during his time in power.

By a 14-2 majority the judgement found that Senegal must "without further delay" submit the case of Mr Habre to its competent authorities for the purpose of prosecution, if it does not extradite him.

Mr Habre was overthrown on 1/12/1990 after a brutal 8-year rule, and has since then been living in Dakar, having been granted political asylum soon after his overthrow.


AI has welcomed the release of footballer Mahmoud al-Sarsak from Israeli detention, pointing out that this highlights the secret and arbitrary nature of administrative detention of Palestinians by the Israeli authorities.

Mahmoud was detained without charge or trial for nearly 3 years and in June ended a 92-day hunger strike in protest, which brought him to the verge of death.


This prominent student leader, sentenced to death in his absence, has returned to Burma, the latest in a series of leading exiles to do so.

He was cheered by hundreds of supporters at Rangoon Airport.

He headed student protests that were crushed by the military in 1988.

Burma has now removed 2,082 people from its blacklist - the latest reformist step taken by the military-backed government. These include government critics, foreign journalists and public-sector workers.

Moe Thee Zun went into exile in the US and decided to return in order to discuss national reconciliation with the government of President Thein Sein.


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