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Good News for July 2015

USA - Asylum Seekers released from detention

Celia Primero Ismalej and her 18 month old son Jhordan Lajuj Primero have been released from detention after being granted asylum protectionin the USA. They had fled Guatemala and were held in immigration detention for more than 8 months in violation of international law and standards. After being released on 7th April, having suffered physically and emotionally as a result of such prolonged detention, they have been reunited with family members already in the USA.

Russian Federation - Mikhail Feldman, Dmitry Fonarev and Oleg Savvin released

These 3 men, who spent over a year in detention for raising the German flag over an official building in Kaliningrad on 4 March 2014, were released on 17 June 2015. They had been found guilty of 'hooliganism committed in a group on grounds of hatred against a social group.' All 3 men were released in court as they had already served their time in pre-trial detention. They continue to protest their innocence. AI considered them prisoners of conscience as they had been imprisoned solely for exercising their right of freedom of expression.

Nigeria - Moses Akatugba update

After 10 years in a Nigerian jail, Moses has celebrated his first week of freedom. While in prison he organised a football match between death row and other prison inmates. He also spent time teaching English and Maths to fellow inmates. He and his family prayed for all the activists who campaigned for his release. He is now determined to be a human rights activist, in addition to continuing his education in the hope of becoming a doctor, He is joining the fight against torture so that others will not go through the same pain.

Bahrain - Rights campaigner released

The Bahraini human rights campaigner, Nabeel Rajab, has been pardoned by King Hamad after serving 3 months of a 6 month jail sentence, the official BNA news agency has reported.

The King made the order because of fears over Mr. Rajab's health. He is a member of the island's Shia majority who has served several prison sentences since setting up the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights in 2002.

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