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Writing for Rights

Our Group will be meeting this Thursday evening, 9th November, to write cards and letters in support of the 10 cases featured in this year's Write for Rights campaign.  A group member has produced lots of lovely cards which we shall be sending with our messages of support to the individuals and family members who have been on the receiving end of human rights abuses.  And, importantly, we will be writing to relevant authorities to demand the release of prisoners, asking for charges to be dropped, and for thorough investigation of attacks and killings of human rights defenders.

We know that our letters to authorities can make a positive difference and that our cards with personalised messages of support can mean a great deal to recipients.  Please join us on Thursday from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. in Chipping Norton's Lower Town Hall.  Bring a pen!

This year's Write for Rights campaign continues until 31st December and, if you'd like to take part but are unable to join us on Thursday - and if you can - you can find everything you need (except your pen) on the AIUK website; find the Write for Rights booklet here.

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