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Write for Rights

Your Words Have Power

This winter, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will again be taking part in Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights campaign, showing their support for people enduring human rights abuses.

When people act together, they can change lives. Last year, more than 4.6 million messages of support and letters of appeal were sent, which had a huge impact on people, communities and organisations who had suffered abuses and were demanding justice.

These are the words of one human rights defender, who we supported last year:

“Amnesty International gave me hope of freedom and now I am free. I am now with my family. I am now with my daughters. I am now with my partner. My mother has already cried with happiness to see me free. Thanks to each one of you, thanks to each one of you for spreading and sharing my letters.” (Bernardo Caal Xol.)

Human rights defenders in this year’s campaign include:

Vahid Afkari (Iran), tortured and jailed for protesting peacefully;

Aleksandra Skochilenko (Russia), jailed for opposing the invasion of Ukraine;

Shahnewaz Chowdhury (Bangladesh), currently on bail, but facing many years in prison for speaking out about environmental concerns;

and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantra (Cuba), an artist jailed for defending freedom of expression.

More details can be found at:

Amnesty International Bury St Edmunds invite you to add your signatures to messages of support, and letters to authorities:

• (For students and staff etc: Friday December 9th. 11.30 to 1.30 at the STEM Centre, West Suffolk College, Western Way)

• For the general public: Saturday December 10th. (Human Rights Day) 10 to 2. at St. Edmundsbury Cathedral (and again immediately after the morning service on Sunday December 11th.)

For more information about our local group, please tel. 01284 725380,, Facebook page: Amnesty International Bury St Edmunds

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