Oct 7 2016 1:47PM
July newsletter

Our July newsletter is available to download.

Oct 7 2016 1:42PM
June newsletter

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Apr 18 2016 10:41PM
April newsletter
Mar 11 2016 5:28PM
March newsletter
Mar 11 2016 5:25PM
Jan/Feb newsletter
Mar 11 2016 5:20PM
My Body, My Tights: 23 April

Brighton & Hove Amnesty will be hosting My Body, My Tights (a big jumble sale, where tights, books, CDs, more tights, and other clothes will be on sale for bargain prices).

Dec 15 2015 4:41PM
December newsletter

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Nov 11 2015 1:33PM
Write for Rights Day 2015
Nov 11 2015 1:05PM
November newsletter

This month's newsletter includes a preview of our Write for Rights day and great news about Shaker Aamer. 

Nov 1 2015 5:52PM
October newsletter

In this month's newsletter: Shaker Aamer, DSEI arms fair, Monthly letter writing group