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Sue Rigby attends Amnesty Conference April 2016

Sue Rigby (Bolton and Bury Amnesty Group) attends Amnesty Conference April 2016

My Highlights

  • Amnesty has an extremely hard working dedicated, competent, compassionate staff. Kate Allan [director] Sarah O’Grady [Chair of Board] are role models.

  • Finances are in safe competent hands. Fundraising money wisely used and invested.

  • Organisation really listens to everyone. A 17 year old girl has just changed the voting rights at the AGM. An Edinburgh student has brought climate change as a human rights issue to the International discussion table.

  • There are 120,000 UK members, 231 local groups, 51 student groups and 512 youth groups.

  • Any action can have a huge impact. Brighton group body bags on the beach action initiated restart of search and rescue saving hundreds of lives. Edinburgh University now have 9 scholarships for asylum seekers after group’s actions.

  • Successes in year. Write for Rights 3 cases are now free. At least 30 Individuals at risk cases are now free. Letter writing does work.

  • Met some lovely positive people.

  • Oh yeah I learnt stuff!


Definitely going again next year

Sue Rigby



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