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Our Privacy Policy: how we collect and process your personal data (2018; rev 2024)

The Bognor Regis, Chichester & District Group is a local group of Amnesty International.

As a local group of Amnesty International, we carry out a wide range of activities, from campaigning on individuals, to raising awareness on human rights issues, to raising money for human rights, in the Bognor Regis and Chichester area.  There is a small Group committee that organises events and who meets monthly to plan those events; Group members are welcome to attend those committee meetings.

Our events and campaigning materials are available to the public on our website:

We also offer membership to the group.  

  • Membership is on payment of a small annual fee (£10.00 individual; £15.00 family; £4.00 unwaged): this is in addition to any membership fee you pay to Amnesty International UK.  
  • You can choose to be a member of the local group but not Amnesty UK or a member of both.  

This fee covers annual expenses for the group, such as postage fees and other expenses for our Group Secretary, and hire fees for venues for events.  Group members receive the group newsletter directly by email or post (rather than accessing this via the website), in addition to emailed updates on local and national events which relate to wider human rights issues (if you have opted to receive these additional communications).  The majority of our Group members have opted to receive their newsletters by email, which means we been able to keep the membership fees low for a number of years now.

What information do we ask for when you apply to join the Group?

The Group application form asks for the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address (required if you would like to have the Group newsletters posted to you)
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address (required if you would like to have the Group newsletters emailed to you)

You are also asked to pay the membership fee, preferably by Standing Order.

Your membership application form is sent to the Group Secretary and copied to the Group webmaster.

The Group Secretary checks to see if you have opted to have the Group newsletters sent to you by post or by email.

  • If you have opted for newsletters to be posted to you, your address is stored securely by the Group Secretary, who will send out the Group newsletters to you.
  • If you have opted for newsletters to be emailed to you, your email address is stored on a spreadsheet which is accessed only by the Group Secretary, the Group Membership Secretary and the Group webmaster, who maintains the Group email distribution list.  Email addresses are not shared with any other members of the Group; email addresses are not shared with Amnesty International UK or with any other group without your consent.  We will use the 'bcc' field when sending an email to more than one person, so that the recipients' email addresses are not visible to each other.
    • You will receive the Group newsletter (average: 10 times a year), either by post or by email.
    • If you have opted for email notifications, you may also be sent emails about local events relating to human rights issues not included in the newsletter, reminders about human rights events we are organising, or about human rights actions being promoted by Amnesty International UK, if you have opted to be sent this additional information.  
    • You can advise us if you decide you no longer wish to have this additional information about human rights events sent to you.
  • Your application form is then stored securely by the Group Membership Secretary.

How do we check that the data we hold is accurate?

  • Group members are reminded to update any changes to their personal information, each time a newsletter is sent out.  Any changes notified will be shared only with the Group secretary, the Group Membership secretary and the Group webmaster (if you notify us of a change to your email address).
  • Group membership is reviewed annually by the Membership secretary, who will send a reminder to you if the membership fee has not been paid.
  • If you decide that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters and additional information about human rights events; or you decide that you only wish to receive our newsletters; or you decide that you no longer wish to be a member of the local group, you are welcome to request this change in your membership at any time by sending a request either to the Group Secretary, the Group Membership secretary or to the Group webmaster.

How long do we keep different types of information about you?

  • We retain personal information whilst you continue to be a member of the Group.  If you decide you no longer wish to pay the membership subscription, your personal information will be disposed of securely and your email address removed from the Group distribution list.  You are able to continue to keep in touch with the Group via the group website.
  • We do not retain any financial information about you other than the level of membership you requested and whether you paid by Standing Order, by cheque or by cash.
  • If you decide to leave the Group and have paid your membership by Standing Order, you will need to cancel your Standing Order: we are not able to do this on your behalf.

How will we handle personal data breaches?

A data breach is broadly defined as a security incident that has affected the confidentiality or availability of personal information.  A personal data breach happens when any personal data is lost, corrupted or disclosed; or if someone accesses the personal information or passes it on without permission; and can be both accidental and deliberate.  A breach can include sending personal information to an incorrect recipient.

  • If a security incident takes place (or if there is a near miss), we will contact the Data Protection Officer at Amnesty International UK immediately. 
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