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November 2022 newsletter now available / Write for Rights 2022

Write for Rights: tree at the Cathedral Green, 2018 © K Shakespeare

In our November newsletter, we have the most up-to-date information about Alaa Abdelfattah as of 18/10/2022 (his 41st birthday), but it is a very fast-moving situation and news has been coming out daily on his case.

As it is the end of the year, it's time for our annual letter and card-writing campaign, Write for Rights.  The 2022 campaign focuses on the right to protest and I have provided a link for you to the campaign documentation online, which provides detailed guidance on what to write.  You can also take online action for a small number of the highlighted cases, if you prefer.  The Write for Right actions run until the end of December 2022 and we will be running a Write for Rights event on Saturday 10 December (Human Rights Day) in Chichester which highlights a couple of the cases.

November 2022 newsletter
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