March meeting Actions

At the March meeting we all signed a letter to the Syrian Ambassador to the UN which urged him to use his influence to ensure civilians are protected in the on-going conflict. We also signed a letter to the President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revoluntionary and Oppposition Forces urging him to ensure that armed groups under hiscontrol comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law.

We discussed holding our Turkish evening with Speakers in early May and celebrating the groups 25th Aniversary at the Garden Party on 26 July.

We are trying to organise a vigil for the 3rd aniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict on Monday 24 March. More details to follow when we have arranged it.

Finally we allocated the cases in this quarters Real Lives so each case will be addressed.

The next meeting will be brought forward one week due to Easter. It will be on Monday 7th April.

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