Garden Party

We had a fantastic Garden Party, the weather was perfect, David and Gill Puckering's garden was beautiful and people came in droves to enjoy the huge book sale, raffle and plant & bric-a-brac stalls. It was a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere, absolutely perfect for the group to celebrate it's 25th aniversary. Everyone was very generous and we raised over £600 and all the Stop Torture action cards were completed.

A huge thank you to everyone involved it making it such a great success - David and Gill Puckering for allowing us to use their beautiful garden, Chrissie for making the wonderful 25th aniversary cake, Bee for organising and making cakes for the popular 'Bees Teas' and all those who manned the various stalls Michael, Annie, Joan, Jeff, David, John, Mark, Ian and our Chairman Martin. Apologies to anyone I've forgotton but thank you.

Please take a look a the photos attached below.


Garden party photos 2014
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