Next online Meeting Monday 14 June

This will take place online on Monday 14 June, 7.30pm. Everyone welcome. Please contact us for joining instructions.

We will have a talk on Modern Slavery by Simon John, followed by Q&A. The talk is extremely engaging and practical. Slavery didn't end in the nineteenth century. Modern Slavery is all around us: there are estimated to be 200,000 "Modern Slaves" in the UK alone (in car washes, nail bars, agricultural work, "domestic" service etc). This is a topic where each of us really can make a difference if we keep our eyes open and know how to report anything untoward (Simon addresses the practicalities of how to do this). Modern Slavery is a mass human rights violation right under our noses, as well as having global reach.

Simon is a former senior lawyer who has devoted his retirement to combatting Modern Slavery. It's also worth adding that he is delivering this talk during a break in a Lands End/John O'Groats bike ride, which he has called the "Freedom Ride", to raise the profile of, and fund-raise for, Modern Slavery. See   

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