2012 (19)
Jan 2 2013 11:13AM
TRAKNAT meeting
Richmond & Twickenham Amnesty group is part of the Twickenham, Richmond and Kingston Network against the Arms Trade (TRAKNAT).
Nov 22 2012 9:55PM
Leafletting at Fiji Friendly Rugby Match
On Saturday 10
Nov 19 2012 2:12PM
Amazing Street Collection Results
We are proud to announce that the total amount collected during our Street Collection on 7
Nov 14 2012 8:11PM
Relaunch Meeting - 11th October 7:30pm
As R&T members will now know, the sad death of Gillian Horne earlier this year left our group without a Chairperson.
Nov 14 2012 7:41PM
Call Me Kuchu
R&T member Mary Holmes responded to Amnesty's news that this documentary directed by Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall.
Nov 14 2012 2:19PM
Plans for our March 2012 Meeting
Our March meeting will be next Thursday, 8th March at St.
Nov 14 2012 2:18PM
Plans for our April 2012 Meeting
Our April meeting will be next Thursday, 12th April at St. Mary's Church Hall, Church Street, Twickenham starting at 8pm.
Nov 14 2012 2:17PM
Plans for our December 2012 Monthly Meeting
Our next monthly meeting will be on Thursday, 8
Nov 14 2012 2:16PM
Plans for our May 2012 Meeting
Our next meeting is at 8pm next Thursday, 10th May at St Mary's Church Hall, Church Street, Twickenham.