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January 2024 (10)
Jan 16 2024 6:19PM
Draft plan for 2024

See our group plan for 2024 - very much a working document so do check back for announcements as the year unfolds.

Jan 28 2024 11:02AM
Guantanamo Bay 22nd anniversary

See pictures from the recent Guantanamo Bay demo - for its 22nd anniversary.

Jan 28 2024 9:27AM
Europe newsletter January 24

Europe is one of our focus regions, so do take a read and take the action for the El Hiblu 3.

Jan 24 2024 2:52PM
Exodus Magazine - Issue 3

Exodus Magazine - Issue 3. A magazine by and for asylum seekers and refugees.

Jan 24 2024 2:05PM
Chance2dance4charity - Save the date - 17.5.24

Friday 17th May - Chance2Dance4Charity Save the date!

Jan 21 2024 1:38PM
South Asia Newsletter - January 2024

Take a read of human rights news from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, The Maldives, Afghanistan and Nepal.

Jan 16 2024 6:17PM
Minutes of January 2024 group meeting

We discussed our plans for campaigning for Human Rights in 2024.

Jan 6 2024 3:26PM
Urgent action for our Prisoners of Conscience

Please send this letter for our prisoners of conscience, Dr Mohammed al-Roken and Ahmed Mansoor. Please send by the middle of February 2024.

Jan 6 2024 2:25PM
Join us for our January 2024 group meeting - Thursday 11th Jan

Join us at the Reading Biscuit Factory at 7.30pm to plan for 2024.

Jan 2 2024 10:21AM
January 2024 group newsletter

Take a read of our January 2024 newsletter.