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January 2018 (4)
Jan 8 2018 11:13PM
Write For Rights Letters

Chelmsford Group members and friends wrote 45 letters as part of the global Write For Rights campaign

Jan 18 2018 5:11PM
Group's Anniversary meal

We celebrated the Group's birthday on the very day it was born, 34 years ago on 16 January 1984!

Jan 8 2018 11:42PM
Celebrating Chelmsford's Noughties Music!

It Came From The Noughties! We invite you to celebrate the Chelmsford music scene of the Noughties at a gig!

Jan 16 2018 6:38PM
Chelmsford's Noughties Bands celebrated

An amazing fundraising evening for Amnesty. Thanks to Paul Dale for organising it, the bands who performed, and Paul and Andy explaining why Amnesty's work is so important