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July 2021 (3)
Jul 12 2021 2:44PM
Close Guantanamo

After more than 20 years 40 men still remain held by the USA at Guantanamo Bay. Many have been subjected to torture, some have never been charged or brought to trial, none have received a fair trial. Members of Brighton Amnesty...

Jul 6 2021 2:49PM
Next Group Meeting

Our next Group Meeting will be an online meeting on Thursday 29th July at 8pm All with an interest in Human Rights in the Brighton area are welcome Please email for entry details

Jul 24 2021 5:12PM
Jerry: An Executioner Who Fought to Abolish the Death Penalty

The death penalty doesn't just affect the condemned person, or their family, or even the families of the victims of the condemned. It affects all of us in one way or another. Jerry Givens was the Chief Executioner of the state of...