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April 2017 (3)
Apr 11 2017 7:01PM
On-going Issues - 2017

ALI AARRASS is a Belgian-Moroccan national who was forcibly returned to Morocco from Spain and is suffering detention and torture. Ali has shown interest in the Amnesty Groups that have supported him. Maps of "where we meet" have been...

Apr 11 2017 6:53PM
Campaigns for 2017

Campaigns for 2017: 1) Refugee campaign 2) Protecting space for human rights defenders 3) The Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights 4) The crisis in Syria 5) Other emerging issues and human rights crises

Apr 11 2017 6:51PM
Future Events/Activities - 2017

1) Market stall Ashburner Market now Thursday 25 May 2017, good quality bric a brac, DVd's CDs needed. 2) Summer fair at Phil's Sat 10th June 2017 2-6. contact 07944724581 for further details 3) Fri 8 Sept 2017 Morrisons collection...