The Chechen authorities are “mopping up” of people they consider to be “undesirable”. Following mass public outrage, Russia has started a ‘preliminary examination’ into the abductions, but we need your help to make sure this isn't an empty promise. 

Donate today and you can help mobilize a worldwide movement to demand a full-scale criminal investigation and an immediate end to the persecution of Chechnya’s LGBTI community.  

Four men have been killed as part of the purge, and now journalists who help uncover these government led crimes are being imprisoned. Chechnya wants to keep the “concentration camp style” prisons a secret – but you can expose them. 

Please donate today and together we could:

•    call for a full-scale criminal investigation, rather than just the ‘preliminary examination’ that Russia has opened 
•    continue to amplify the truth in this case and build evidence and awareness towards the investigation 
•    support local activists wherever these attacks take place to win the basic right to love whoever they choose
•    ramp up international pressure on the Chechnya government and press national governments, including the UK, to provide refuge to gay men fleeing Chechnya.  

Don’t let the Chechen authorities intimidate you – stand up for the LGBTI community. Your donations can put an end to the violent treatment and murder of gay men in Chechnya.