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Russian Federation (400)
May 31 2024 12:00am
Russia: children and their families targeted for anti-war dissent - new briefing
Children as young as 14 can be prosecuted under harsh new laws A 12...
Mar 25 2024 6:24pm
Russia: justice for victims of concert attack must include addressing evidence of torture
Mass killing at Crocus City Hall must be thoroughly investigated  F...
Mar 5 2024 6:20pm
Ukraine: new ICC arrest warrants against Russia for targeting electricity infrastructure welcomed
Lieutenant General Sergei Kobylash and Admiral Viktor Sokolov wanted i...
Feb 23 2024 5:47pm
Russia: Navalny's body must be released and an independent investigation allowed
Mother reportedly being pressured into accepting a secret burial Al...
Feb 19 2024 5:45pm
Russia: crackdown on Navalny mourners shows authorities trying to erase him from history
At least 387 people have been arrested in 39 cities across Russia P...
Feb 19 2024 12:14pm
Russia: surge in anti-terrorism laws used to jail dissenters - new briefing
Authorities have labelled more than 13,000 people ‘terrorists’ or ‘ext...
Jan 31 2024 4:56pm
Thailand: authorities must not deport Russian rock band at risk of persecution
Six members of Bi-2 remain in detention in Phuket The band has been...
Nov 30 2023 6:23pm
Russia: Supreme Court's 'extremist' label for LGBTQ+ groups condemned
Ruling recognises as ‘extremist’ an undefined ‘international public LG...
Aug 4 2023 4:24pm
Russia: 19-year jail sentence against Navalny is 'sinister act of political vengeance'
Kremlin critic Aleksei Navalny is already serving a long jail sentence...
Jul 20 2023 11:11am
Russia: more than 21,000 people targeted in sustained crackdown on anti-war dissent - new briefing
New briefing shows how thousands have been subject to detention, label...