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Russian Federation (369)
Jun 13 2022 1:00am
Ukraine: Russia used cluster bombs and unguided rockets in 'horrific' assault on Kharkiv
Detailed eyewitness testimonies show horror of attacks, with hundreds ...
May 12 2022 9:26am
Russia: Schools and universities latest victims of Putin's war propaganda machine
Teachers being forced to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda and glorify ...
Apr 13 2022 7:08pm
Russia: feminist activist could be jailed for ten years for putting anti-war slogans on supermarket labels
Aleksandra Skochilenko ordered to be detained until June by St Petersb...
Apr 8 2022 7:23pm
Russia: authorities close down Amnesty's Moscow office - reaction
‘You must be doing something right if the Kremlin tries to shut you up...
Apr 7 2022 1:00pm
Ukraine: Russian forces extrajudicially executed civilians in apparent war crimes - new testimonies
Amnesty investigators interviewed more than 20 people from villages an...
Apr 4 2022 6:36pm
Ukraine: apparent war crimes in Bucha must be investigated
Following reports of apparent war crimes committed by Russian military...
Apr 1 2022 1:00pm
Ukraine: Russia's siege warfare tactics unlawfully killing civilians - new research
Researchers spoke to people who experienced sieges in five cities,...
Mar 22 2022 2:50pm
Russia: Navalny's new jail sentence is 'predictable but nonetheless shocking'
Amnesty analysis of fraud case against opposition leader concluded it ...
Mar 11 2022 6:08pm
Russia: authorities block Amnesty's Russian-language website
‘The Kremlin is showing that it can’t stomach the truth’ - Marie Strut...
Mar 10 2022 7:58pm
Ukraine: safe humanitarian corridors urgently needed
Harrowing testimonies illustrate dire suffering of those without help ...