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Ordinary Cubans perceived to be even subtly critical of life in their country face a future of harassment at work or unemployment as authorities use their control over the job market as another tool of repression.

Inspired by an interview with Graciela, a Cuban sportswoman who migrated to Mexico, and in collaboration with Mexican artist Joan X. Vazquez, we present Cuban Lives, a comic highlighting what life is like in Cuba as we speak. Scroll across the gallery below to see the full comic: 

new album-cuba

Graciela's story is just one of many, and Cuba's tight control over jobs – and everyday life – must stop now.

That's why we're calling on the authorities to end unjust employment restrictions – not only on those unfairly stripped of their physical freedom, but also on those who feel their minds are imprisoned and their lives stunted because they are deprived of their right to freedom of expression.

Want to know more about the chilling ways in which Cuban authorities have used unlawful practices for decades to control its people, simply because they dared to criticise the government? Read our report, Your mind is in prison, now.