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Jun 29 2018 3:54PM
Saudi Arabia driving ban: A long road to justice

As women in Saudi Arabia take the wheel for the first time, there is still a long road ahead for justice and equality in the Kingdom

Jun 2 2016 1:32PM
Every donation matched £1 for £1: Join the Revolution against FGM and Child Marriage

Can you imagine yourself as a child, forced to marry a man more than twice your age? What about being forced to have your genitals cut? For young girls in Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone, this isn’t imaginary – it is their reality. But...

May 30 2016 12:00AM
'Connect, uplift and inspire': Women’s Equality Day 2016

In July 1918 the Equal Franchise Act was passed by Parliament, giving voting rights to all women over the age of 21. As a result, more than 15 million women became eligible to vote and women achieved equal voting rights to men. The...

May 10 2016 4:58PM
Darya Poliudova: Facing two years imprisonment for blogging

It was photographs like this, of Darya Poliudova holding political banners, that were part of the reason the Russian authorities found her guilty of ‘calls to commit extremist activities’ and ‘calls to commit actions threatening the...

Mar 24 2015 11:28AM
Women drivers released in Saudi Arabia

Whilst we might like to think getting a driving license or commuting to work is hard, it could be much harder. Two people more acutely aware of this than most are Loujain al-Hathloul and Maysaa al-Amoudi. When trying to cross the...

Apr 13 2014 6:28PM
Stop Reihaneh Jabbari Execution

URGENT ACTION Iranian woman at risk of execution Thedeath sentence of Iranian woman Reyhaneh Jabbari has been sent to the Office of Implementation of Sentences in Tehran, Iran. Once death sentences have gone to this body, they may be...

Dec 3 2013 9:16AM
Violence against women in Afghanistan: everything stands in the balance

The coming year is the deadline for the foreign forces to leave Afghanistan. During the past 10 years of occupation Afghan women activists have campaigned for their rights through various channels and achieved to attract international...

Jul 14 2013 8:42PM
Lindsey-Hilsum Reports on Sexual Harrasment of Women in Egypt

The link below directs you to her report from Cairo's Tahrir Square, where millions of men and women gathered to oust president Morsi from power as he was taking the country towards Islamisation. Apart from the political message of...

Jun 19 2013 5:36PM
Saudi Women Senteced to Jail for Helping a Woman Against Domestic Violence

Take Action! On 15 June 2013, Saudi women’s rights activists, Wajeha Al-Huwaider and Fawzia Al-Oyouni, were convicted of the Islamic Sharia law offence of Takhbib, or incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband. They were...

May 24 2013 8:38PM
"Dawn", Documentary screening of Afghan Women

To celebrate National Refugee Week 2013 Refugee Action Kingston and the British Afghan Women’s Society are pleased to invite you to an exclusive film screening of ‘DAWN: Documenting Afghan Women’s Narratives’ at the Rose Theatre...

May 19 2013 10:23AM

BEATRIZ IN NEED AS AUTHORITIES JUST STAND BY EL SALVADOR Beatriz (f) Beatriz is still waiting for the Salvadoran authorities to provide her with the medical treatment she urgently needs to safeguard her life and health. The authorities...

May 19 2013 10:16AM
Women and the City: how urban planning policy impacts on women

Women and the City: how urban planning policy impacts on women Urban planning policy is fairly gender neutral, right? - wrong! As this Feminar will demonstrate, how our cities are planned can impact on how women use their cities, often...

May 19 2013 10:13AM
Bye bye world: a play at Battersea Art Centre

A reconstruction of upheaval in the perfectly normal lives of two women. Bye bye world Gehring & Ketelaars | Frijling Battersea Arts Centre 24 & 25 May | 8pm A woman takes a bite of birthday cake left over from her party. She looks...

Apr 7 2013 5:09PM
A Living Literature Walk

Help celebrate the publication of the Methuen Drama book of suffragette Plays. Participants needed on 20th and 27th April for a 'living literature walk' following the suffragettes through theatre land. The event is organised by Scary...

Apr 6 2013 7:43PM
Prisoner of conscience denied visits by family

5th Update UA 232/12 3 April 2013 URGENT ACTION MDE 11/008/13 PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE DENIED VISITS BY FAMILY BAHRAIN Zainab Al-Khawaja (f) Bahraini activist Zainab Al-Khawaja has been denied family visits since mid-March for refusing...

Apr 5 2013 6:57PM
Land activists receive death threats in Colombia

UA 77/13 2 April 2013 URGENT ACTION AMR 23/015/2013 LAND ACTIVISTS RECEIVE DEATH THREATS COLOMBIA Mariluz Vásquez Fernández (f), Ingrid Vergara (f), Iván Cepeda (m), Marivel Vásquez Fernández (f), Gustavo Enrique Arrieta Pérez (m)...

Apr 3 2013 8:54PM
Human Rights Lawyer in Danger in Colombia

On 10 October 2012, a man pushed a gun into the chest of human rights defender Alfamir Castillo and told her that both she and her lawyer were going to die. You can help protect her now Alfamir’s son was murdered by the Colombian army...

Mar 16 2013 2:10PM
An Alarming statement by Muslimbrotherhood in Eygpt on CEDAW calling it against Shariat principles

As we know UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) convened its 57 session in early March in New York. Tens of women and NGOs from around the world attended the sessions and held various venues to celebrate women's achievements and...

Mar 1 2013 1:34PM
Rape survivor found guilty of "fornication"

Update, 5 March: Amnesty have launched an urgent text action on this case. Find out more here UA 55/13 28 February 2013 URGENT ACTION ASA 29/001/2013 MALDIVES RAPE SURVIVOR FOUND GUILTY OF “FORNICATION” 15-year-old rape survivor (f) A...

Feb 21 2013 9:28AM
Sudanese Women Held Without Trial

UA 46/13 19 February 2013 URGENT ACTION AFR 54/005/2013 SUDANESE WOMEN HELD WITHOUT TRIAL SUDAN 32 Sudanese women detained in Al-Obeid prison (f) More than 30 Sudanese women have been detained arbitrarily without access to a lawyer...