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Here'a a letter of support I received by email which outlines the problems. Please send messages of support to Mr Dahal at the email address below. Thanks.August 25, 2007Dear Billy Briggs,For fourteen days, Birendra Dahal of HBC 94 FM has been fasting unto death,demanding from all political parties represented in the parliament thecommitment to stop attacking Private Sectors and Independent Media.To this date, no government representative has arrived to enquire about thestate of his health. This is a very insensitive and inhuman act ofindifference. In my opinion, it is the height of indifference on the part ofthe government, which does not even enquire after the state of his health,let alone fulfill his demands of commitment towards Independent Media.We have seen several nations become embroiled in civil war, once the nationand national structure become insensitive, and several other people had tosuffer under single party dictatorships in such cases. The situation seemsto be repeating itself slowly in the context of Nepal. The Maoists and theirsister organizations are systematically attacking and demoralizing theprivate sector and Independent Media. The entire Private Sector is livingunder a shadow of terror, due to their instructions to manage the industriesexactly as they ask, to print the news according to their inclination, toemploy their people or else be ready to face any consequences.The situation is similar in Private schools all over Nepal, including in theKathmandu Valley. Today, no school is free from this terror.I have described the situation in short. My intention in writing to you isto remind you that Birendra Dahal has been fasting onto death for the lastfourteen days, focused on these very issues. His health is slowlydeteriorating, and in such a situation, it has become essential to takesteps to protect his health. I m certain in my belief that Your Excellencywill have an important role to play not only in the restoration of hishealth, but also in addressing the issues that he is concerned with.With a small contribution from our side, if we could help to save the lifeof one Nepali who has wagered his life for the sake of true, enlighteneddemocratic Media and Private Sector, then I think we would again bring tolife one democrat who has been struggling against totalitarian autocraciesall his life.I write this letter of request, in order to restore the life of BirendraDahal, believing that if we as a people, who believe in democracy and humanrights, continue to ignore incidents of such great sensitivity, thendictators and tyrants will time and again get the chance to be powerful.Prof. Dr. Prem Kumar

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