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Nepal (31)
Aug 9 2021 12:01am
Nepal: Indigenous people victims of conservation 'success story' - new report
Indigenous people being forcibly evicted from their ancestral lands ...
Jun 14 2021 12:01am
Nepal: Vaccines and oxygen desperately needed amid devastating second Covid-19 wave
New Amnesty briefing calls for international community to step up supp...
Dec 17 2017 12:00am
Nepal: Migrant workers still being 'mercilessly' exploited - new survey
The Nepali government’s failure to crack down on recruitment agencies ...
Jun 6 2017 11:11am
Nepal: Dishonest recruiters are 'destroying lives' by exploiting migrants - new report
The Nepali government is failing to address rampant deception and exto...
Jan 7 2013 12:00am
Amnesty: UK must not bow to pressure from Nepal over prosecution decision
The arrest in the UK of a Nepali man on allegations of torture is a we...
Dec 13 2011 12:00am
Nepal: Protect Nepalese migrants from false promises of work abroad
Rogue Nepalese recruitment agencies are trafficking Nepalese for explo...
Feb 17 2010 12:00am
Nepal: Authorities must provide justice for torture and murder of 15-year-old girl Maina Sunuwar
International and local human rights organisations have today urged th...
Dec 23 2009 6:05pm
Detained Nepalese child soldiers - promises, promises...
On 16 December the United Nations, the Nepalese Government and Unified...
Dec 8 2009 12:00am
Nepal: UN major charged with torturing girl to death must be arrested
Amnesty International calls for arrest of soldier charged with 15-year...
Nov 10 2009 6:04pm
Unreported World shows the persecution of widows in Nepal
Unreported World meets the widows of Nepal in the Channel 4 programme ...