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Family of death row inmate visit Amnesty UK

Troy Davis was convicted for the murder of a policeman, which he maintains he did not commit. Convicted solely on eye-witness testimony as there was no physical evidence, Troy’s case has been the subject of global debate and campaigns for years. Or rather, years and years; Troy has been sitting on death row since 1991.

Since Troy’s conviction, 7 of the 9 witnesses who gave evidence against him have either recanted or changed their statements – with some claiming that the police coerced them into testifying against Troy. And yet, Troy still lives his life locked up in Georgia’s state prison, in the shadow of his death sentence.

The case of Troy Anthony Davis speaks of gross injustice, not only with specifically how he has been treated – but more widely as representative of how America’s justice system functions. Or malfunctions, depending on your outlook.  

This week, we have a unique opportunity to hear from Troy’s family, who dedicate a large proportion of their lives to campaigning for justice for Troy. Troy’s sister, Martina Correia, and her teenage son, De’Jaun, will be speaking and taking questions at an event here at Amnesty UK on Wednesday 25 November.

They will be joined by Richard Hughes from Keane, who is a long-term supporter of Troy’s case, and Kim Manning-Cooper, Amnesty UK’s Death Penalty Campaign Manager.

Georgia and the death penalty may feel a long way from our daily reality in the UK. If you want to understand Troy’s case from his family’s perspective and have the chance to ask them questions, make sure you attend the event where is the justice for me?: Campaigning for Troy Davis

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