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Welcome to the new Amnesty UK blogs

Welcome to our new blogs space. Have a look round, we hope you like it!

Our original blogs platform has done us proud for a lttle over 5 years - but 5 years is a long, long time in internet years and we were overdue a virtual lick of paint. Not only is it now easier to read, it's now easier for our bloggers to add videos, and add better images to their posts, and we've made it easier for you to share them on Twitter, Facebook and many other places - probably the most requested feature in our redvelopment!

In redveloping, we weren't able to bring of all your comments across from the old site, and we've changed our log-in systems as well. You can find out more details on everything that's been updated in our blogs FAQ

We're also launching a new blog today - say hello to our Urgent Action Network blog. Since our very first 'appeals for Amnesty' in 1961 we've been writing letters for the wrongly arrested, accused and disappeared. The Urgent Action Network is the backbone of that, helping release 1000 prisoners in our first 5 years alone. I hope you'll join us writing, petitioning or texting for their highlighted cases, and in return we'll share good news on those cases as we get it.

Rebuilding our blogs platform is just the first part of a wider redevelopment of our websites. Later this year we're redeveloping our donation and membership systems, and we're also making our sister site Protect the Human easier to navigate and take action on.

Most importantly, please let us know what you think of the new blogs site, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

About Amnesty UK Blogs
Our blogs are written by Amnesty International staff, volunteers and other interested individuals, to encourage debate around human rights issues. They do not necessarily represent the views of Amnesty International.
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Well worth reading the comments of one individual to show the US bigotry against AI.

bitterandtwisted 12 years ago

Is it just me, or are there far fewer comments now we have a new layout?

Ruth B 12 years ago

I am infuriated by Amnesty UK's stand on Kurdish rights in Syria. Without the Kurds of Syria the Arabs qill not succeed in their private individual revolution excluding us Kurds. Kurdish activists from the KNC walked out of the Syrian Opposition talks in Istanbul. 1. The biggest reason is because Kurds were not mentioned even once in the post- Assad Constitution. 2. The Syrian Arabs and the Muslim Brotherhood did not recognize Kurdish rights, even before Assad's crackdown on mass protests. Amnesty UK does not let Syrian Kurds associate in Syrian Arab rallys. We will not be intimidated and we will not falter, Kurdish and Arab freedom or no freedom. Amnesty International needs to take a second look at Amnesty UK, the language of Ethnism is fluent in the Amnesty UK organization it seems.

khidr 12 years ago

Hi Rubygirl, yes, we have had fewer comments in our newer format. We're looking at how we can make it easier to comment.

EmersonStaff 12 years ago