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Blogs House Rules

We want our blogs platform to be a vibrant space where you can be sure of getting the best opinions on human rights issues. We may not agree with all of them, but we'll defend your right to say them!

To keep our blogs platform vibrant and up-to-date, we ask all of our bloggers and commenters to meet the following minimum standards and house rules.

Commenting on a blog

  • Please don’t pretend to be someone else
  • Please don’t link to offensive or inappropriate websites
  • Do respect each other. We welcome debate and different opinions but don’t resort to personal attacks.
  • Please don't post personal contact details - for yourself or another person
  • Please don't go off topic and leave comments unrelated to the post
  • Please don't spam our posts with repeated comments on the same topic.


Posting on your blog

  • Please aim to blog at least once a month – ideally much more! To keep our blogs network vibrant and up-to-date we’ll regularly archive dormant blogs.
  • Remember that Amnesty welcomes younger members – please keep your content appropriate for those under 16, especially videos and photos.
  • Please link to any sources you refer to - it's good practice to link to other blogs and news stories and it may increase your readership!
  • If you’re under 18, you’ll need to get your parent or guardian’s permission before blogging
  • Please don't duplicate a post on more than one blog on our platform
  • Please don't use your blog solely to post press releases
  • Don’t  use your blog to advertise products or services
  • Don’t post content that breaks the law or encourages unlawful activity. This includes breaches of copyright and defamation
  • Don't post content that is racist, sexist, homophobic or abusive
  • Please don't swear. It’s just polite not to.
  • Please don't post content only available in another language. We can’t be sure of its suitability for our younger members and will delete it.
  • Please don't post personal contact details for yourself or another person
  • Please don't post off-topic content.


About Amnesty UK Blogs
Our blogs are written by Amnesty International staff, volunteers and other interested individuals, to encourage debate around human rights issues. They do not necessarily represent the views of Amnesty International.
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