Today in 1989: set up an independent student's union and sit in at Xinhuamen

In the evening, about four thousand students gathered at The Triangle at the center of the campus in Beida, to listen to a few speakers taking their turns on a stool. With a voice vote, the crowd "disbanded" the official student union and decided to establish a Preparatory Committee for their own student solidarity. It marked the first time in any student movement that a formal and non-anonymous organization structure was put in place in 1989.

Over two thousands students sit in at Xinhuamen, shouting "Seven Demands! and Dialogue!" Police and Armed Police Force soldiers monitored the protesters and  around at 4am used belts and boots to disperse and force students into waiting buses along the Chang'an Avenue. Some students suffered minor injuries either at the hands of the police or by smashing the bus windows.

Wen Jie, instructor from Beijing Fashion Institute, received a master's degree in Chinese from Beijing University in 1988, posted Big Character Posters here and Peking Univ on 19 April 1989, contacting students and teachers in different universities in order to publicise an independent political magazine. He reported news and comments by the student's radio station during the Hunger Strike (May 13 – May 19) and edited a daily News until June 4th. Wen was detained after June 4, 1989, and developed intestinal cancer while in custody. He died of this illness shortly after release on parole.

25年前的今天(4月19日):北大4千学生三角地集会,成立了北京大学团结学生会筹委会。#八九六四 #8964 #八九六四二五 #896425

 25年前的今天(4月19日):凌晨3时过后,约两千名学生仍在新华门外静坐或站立,学生们重申了七点要求,并要求与中央领导人对话,高喊“李鹏出来”的口号。4时20分警察乘车抵达,驱散人群。#八九六四 #八九六四二五


25年前的今天(4月19日)#八九六四 #8964 #八九六四二五 #896425 #六四死难者 #June4 #Beijing #Massacre #Victims #温杰  #六四死难者 # 北京服装学院教师,毕业于北京大学中文系古典文献专业获硕士学位。4月19日在服装学院和北大张贴大字报,联络其他院校教师和学生,筹备独立政治刊物。绝食开始后,温 杰参与主持绝食团广播站,1989年5月底温杰参与编辑《新闻快讯》(图) 在北京大屠杀后一周温杰被羁押,狱中患肠癌,91年保释出狱后不久病逝。


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