Today in 1989: Police Voilently Dispersed Protesters

At 3am, hundred peaceful  demonstrators at Xinhuamen were suddenly set upon by police wielding belts and clubs who attempted to disperse the protesters, and  numerous students were injured. thousand students at noon marched to Tiananmen and protested against the authoritieste.

Hu Jian (胡践) lecturer from Taiyuan Industrial University, organised protests on campus and in the local central square. He set up local independent student unions. After 4th June, he went to Beijing, submitting a petition letter to the National People's Congress. He was  arrested and sentenced to 10 year  on charges of "counter-revolutionary propaganda and incitement." He was  repeatedly beaten and was solitary confinement in prison. He was 44 when he died on 24 October 1995 in prison. His family members demanded that they looked at his body but were not allowed by the authority. Afterwards, his body was secretly cremated by the authority.

 25年前的今天(4月20日):中南海附近所有路口从零时起全被封锁。到凌晨1时,武警和公安已将学生与围观者隔开,新华门前仅剩下不到300名学生。约300名学生一直与武警的警戒线呈对峙状态, 凌晨约3时将在新华门前抗议数百名学生强行带上公共汽车。#八九六四 #八九六四二五

中午,北师大、人大、北大、北航、清华等校数千名学生雨中向天安门广场行进。学生举着“和平请愿”、“反对官倒”、“反对暴力”等标语,高唱义勇军进行曲和国际歌。#八九六四 #八九六四二五

下午北京高校出现题为《新华门血案》《血》、《“四.二0”惨案》等大字报,记录武警和公安武警对在新华门前请愿的学生大打出手,学生多人受伤”,呼吁同胞们行动起来,揭露警察暴行。政法大学挂出王志勇的血衣,控诉警察暴行。#八九六四 #八九六四二五

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