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A partial list of detained or disappeared after expressing support for #HK Democracy 4 Oct 14

Over 50 mainland Chinese activists detained after expressing support for #HK democracy

Zhang Shengyu (张圣雨), Guangzhou activist, disappered

Zhang Yan (张焱), journalist, disappered

Wang Long (汪龙), Shenzhen activist, criminally detained on the charge of “provoking quarrels and causing troubles”

Huang Minpeng (黄敏鹏), Guangzhou activist, disappeared

Luo Xiaoxiang (刘小翔), Guangzhou activist, disappeared

Liu Hui (刘辉), Guangzhou activist, disappeared

Xie Dan (谢丹)—Chongqing activist, detained

Luo Yaling (罗亚玲)– Chongqing activist, detained

Song Ningsheng (宋宁生), Jiangxi activist, detained

Gong Xinsheng (龚新华), Jiangxi activist, detained

Chen Maosen (陈茂森), Jiangxi activist, detained

Shen Yanqiu (沈艳秋), Shanghai, freedom of movement curtailed

Chen Jianfang (陈建芳), Shanghai disappeared
Xie Wenfei 谢文飞, Guangzhou activist, detained
Wang Mo 王默, Guangzhou activist, detained
Sun Liyong 孙立勇, Guangzhou activist, detained

The following Beijing activists and petitioners have been detained, most of them  on charge of “provoking quarrels and causing troubles"

Liu Huizhen (刘惠珍)
Li Dongmei (李东梅)
Guo Zhiying (郭志英)

Wei Jixin (吴继新)

Guo Hongwei (郭洪伟)

Chen Lianhe (陈连和)
Wu Xiaoping (吴小平)
Han Shuzhen (韩淑珍)
Cui Baofi (崔宝地)
Zhang Chonggang(张崇刚)
Wang Fang (王芳)
Ran Chongbi (冉崇碧)
Ling Shiman (凌诗曼)
Wang Zang (王藏)
Han Ying (韩颖)
Jiang Liuyong (姜流勇)
Chen Lianhe (陈连和)
Wu Xiaoping (吴小平)
Han Shuqing (韩淑清)
Cui Baodi (崔宝弟)
zhang Zonggang (张宗钢)

Over another ten petitioners  disappeared after expressing support for #HK democracy

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