1989 Protester's Profile: Wen Jie (温杰) | Countdown for China | 19 Apr 2014 | Amnesty International UK

1989 Protester's Profile: Wen Jie (温杰)

Wen Jie (温杰), instructor from Beijing Fashion Institute, received a master's degree in Chinese from Beijing University in 1988, posted Big Character Posters here and Peking Univ on 19 April 1989, contacting students and teachers in different universities in order to publicise an independent political magazine.

He reported Tiananmen News and comments by the student's radio station during the Hunger Strike (May 13 – May 19) and edited a daily News until June 4th.

Wen was detained after June 4, 1989, and developed intestinal cancer while in custody. He died of this illness shortly after release on parole. http://www.tiananmenmother.org/


Tiananmen News Image: http://twitpic.com/cwg656



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