1989 Protester's Profile: Hu Jian (胡践) | Countdown for China | 20 Apr 2014 | Amnesty International UK

1989 Protester's Profile: Hu Jian (胡践)

Hu Jian (胡践) lecturer from Taiyuan Industrial University, organised protests on campus and in the local central square. He set up local independent student unions.

After 4th June, he went to Beijing, submitting a petition letter to the National People's Congress. He was  arrested and sentenced to 10 year  on charges of "counter-revolutionary propaganda and incitement." He was  repeatedly beaten and was solitary confinement in prison. He was 44 when he died on 24 October 1995 in prison. His family members demanded that they looked at his body but were not allowed by the authority. Afterwards, his body was secretly cremated by the authority.


#八九六四 #示威者 #胡践 太原工业大学讲师,4月下旬在校园组织抗议活动,后参与成立组织“学生自治会” ,北京屠杀后向全国人大常委会递交抗议信,被捕,以“反革命宣传煽动罪”判刑10年。胡践在拘押期间,遭到毒打、禁闭,一九九五年十月24日死亡, 年仅44岁。胡践的遗体被强行火化。



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