Students #UpInArms - a day of campaigning for an Arms Treaty

We're in Westminster with a small army of school and university students to urge the UK government to champion an Arms Trade Treaty that disarms dictators, warlords and child soldiers at the UN negotiations next month. Follow their campaigning and questions on our live storify.

[View the story "Amnesty heads to the Foreign Office to talk about arms" on Storify]Amnesty heads to the Foreign Office to talk about arms

Today an army of school and university students descend on Westminster to meet Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt, and get some answers on their questions around the arms trade treaty.

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Whatdoes a bullet proof Arms Trade Treaty look like?  We’d like to see a Treaty which prevents thetransfers of arms likely to be used for human rights abuses, covers all typesof arms deals at every level. We want a Treaty which can be brought into forcenow, and not in years’ time!

Students are coming from around the country to be able to get some answers to their questions about a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty:Bus has set off, I'm officially en route to @AmnestyUK's #upinarms tomorrow. Campaigning for a bulletproof arms trade, worth a 9 hour bus!Fergus BodenToday we're in Westminster with 150 youth and student members, campaigning for the #ArmsTreaty #UpInArmsAmnesty UKWhilst our event today doesn't officially start until 1pm, some school and university students have already been meeting their MPs - both this morning and back in their constituencies. Having met @MRitchieMP I can say she will strongly push for the #ArmsTreaty within the UK government! Dedicated MP #upinarms @AmnestyUKGary SpeddingRobin from York University group: my questions for Alistair BurtAn Audioboo by amnestyA powerful start to the day's events from activist David Grimason. David's been campaigning for arms controls since his family were tragically caught up in an incident in Turkey, when his son was killed by an illegal firearm:David Grimason takes to the stage to speak movingly of his personal experience with the lack of regulations of the arms trade. #upinarmsGUAI Listening to David Grimason's personal story from @AmnestyUK's #UpinArms - A reminder of the reality of the #ArmsTrade ComiskeyDavid Grimason's son Alastair was killed by illegal guns in Turkey! It's why we need an #armstreaty! #upinarms in the room was incredibly moved - hear some of their reactions... Students from Queen Margaret react to David Grimason's storyAn Audioboo by amnesty..then read his story below and tweet @amnestyuk with your ownFathers back gun treaty campaignThe fathers of two murdered children have helped launch a campaign to call for tighter global gun sale controls. Oxfam and Amnesty Intern...David's tragic experience has made him a powerful supporter of a bullet proof Arms Trade Treaty and his campaigning has taken him around the world."Where do these guns come from? They are not made here." a Kenyan villager asked Oxfam supporter David grimason #armstreaty #upinarmsOxfamLondonSouthEastSchool children in Kenya had alarms fitted in the school so if armed groups were spotted they could flee. Impact on education bad #UpInArmsverity coyleAmnesty's expert on the arms trade, Oliver Sprague joined David for a Q&A - both offering some pretty horrific truths.Oliver from Amnesty "Weapons in the wrong hands contribute to very serious human rights violations". #UpInArms #armstreatyverity coyleAnd those big numbers making a big impact on the young people here.#UpInArms because 1500 people die everyday due to armed violence and conflict.....Valentine NguhiDid you know about 1500 people die every day as a result of armed violence and conflict? #UpinArmsAmy GreenStudent groups around the country have been doing some great work!Everyone round the room is sharing their campaign actions - here's Eastleigh school's visual petition #UpInArms UKAmazing stories from @AmnestyUK and @oxfamgb school/student groups - flower petitions, letters, SoS mtgs, film festivals, BANANAS #upinarmsKarla McLarenSome leading figures in arms trade campaigning including Jo Adamson (Chief UK negotiator on the Arms Trade Treaty), Oliver Sprague (Programme Director Arms, Amnesty International UK), Martin Butcher (Policy Advisor on Arms: Oxfam GB) and Kate Allen (Director: Amnesty International UK) give an inspiring panel talk to young campaigners.Arms trade panel with @amnestyuk and @oxfamuk #UpInArms #armstreatyYu A.Amnesty campaigner Olly Sprague has been campaigning for an ATT for 18 years - more years than many delegates here have been alive #UpInArmsAmnesty Student UKOli Sprague (@AmnestyUK Arms extraordinnaire) 'its remarkable that soon we'll have the first #ArmsTreaty negotiations' @OxfamSE #UpInArmsUnkha BandaPeople here have been campaigning for this treaty almost my entire lifetime, this could be a monumental treaty!! #upinarmsFergus BodenFeeling inspired? You can campaign just as effectively from home: tell your MP to urge David Cameron to support a bulletproof arms trade treaty: email them now!Inspiring words from Oliver Sprague: 'campaigning really, really works!' Today is reinforcing how important what we do is. #upinarmsGUAI A historic chance in historic surroundings:#upinarms Martin saying that UN debated in this very room many years ago about arms and right of states in relation to them...Edward K Sainsbury

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