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Arms Trade (107)
May 20 2021 5:05pm
USA/Colombia: fresh evidence of US weapons being used against protesters
Two types of US-made grenade launchers used by Colombian security forc...
    May 18 2021 12:45pm
    USA: Biden's approval of weapons sale to Israel puts civilians at greater risk
    $735m arms sale announced despite rapidly rising civilian death toll i...
      Feb 4 2021 11:27pm
      US: Halting arms sales to Saudi Arabia a 'big step' - but more must be done
      US to stop supporting Saudi-led operations in Yemen, including the sal...
        Dec 10 2020 11:59pm
        UK should commit to global ban on torture equipment as part of Brexit
        UK set to leave EU system overseeing ban on torture equipment  UN m...
          Nov 9 2020 4:21pm
          USA: $2.9bn drones sale to UAE should be halted
          Arms sales to UAE could make US responsible for further civilian death...
            Aug 4 2020 10:59am
            125 incidents of police violence during Black Lives Matter protests - new report
            Most comprehensive report into protests yet, records 89 cases of tear ...
              Jul 7 2020 5:49pm
              UK: Liz Truss statement on arms sales to Saudi Arabia 'deeply cynical'
              UK Government insisting previous Saudi violations in Yemen were ‘isola...
                Jun 23 2020 10:00am
                USA: scale of police violence during Black Lives Matter protests revealed
                Interactive map based on open-source research shows police violence in...
                  Jan 31 2020 3:37pm
                  Saudi Arabian arms ship due to dock in Tilbury next week
                  Saudi state-owned Bahri Yanbu cargo vessel has track record of carryin...
                    Dec 10 2019 5:03pm
                    Spain: Saudi cargo ship allowed to dock despite arms to Yemen fears
                    Saudi state-owned ‘Bahri Abha’ arrives at port in Valencia amid concer...