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Syria: Two years on - New Amnesty Film & Reports


Syria: Two years on. Will there be a Human Rights Revolution?

This new film from Amnesty International UK marks the second anniversary of the Syrian uprising / conflict and is released alongside two new briefings from Amnesty International today (14 March 2013). The first focuses on summary killings and other abuses by armed opposition groups. The second focuses on indiscriminate attacks by government forces on civilian targets including the use of cluster bombs. Both are attached below.

Here is the film script

Across Syria, tens of thousands of people continue to stand up for their rights, defying gunfire, tanks and fighter jets to demand an end to poverty, corruption, repression and impunity.

Many want a future where human rights are respected. Where people are equal and free from discrimination. Where security forces can't get away with torture and murder. And the government does not punish, humiliate and terrorise its people for simply demanding change.

What sort of change? Who will bring it about? How? Amnesty continues to call for a human rights revolution – but our call is not the only one.

Other forces are demanding change, justice and freedom but not with human rights at the forefront. Not in the spirit of dignity and rights for all.

And still, the government continues to commit crimes against humanity, letting Syria burn in its futile bid to retain power. 

What sort of Syria emerges from the darkness is unknown. What we do know is that civilians need protection - now.

We all have a voice and should use it to ensure what comes next in Syria offers greater human rights protection for all.

Our campaigning is dedicated to the peaceful protesters that lost their lives, the disappeared, the detained, the defiant ones.

This has been an historic; tumultuous 2 years which saw so much suffering and sadness yet spread so much hope for a new Syria.

In 2013 we push on. In solidarity with people peacefully demanding change and in defiance against those trying to stop them – in pursuit of a human rights revolution.


Take Action Protect Civilians in Syria Now

UPDATE - the reports are in arabic below and you can see the film with arabic translation here . Many thanks to the Free Syrian Translators for doing this.



Director: Leah Borromeo | @monstris

Producer: Kristyan Benedict (Amnesty UK) | @KreaseChan

Editor/Animator: James Paulley | @jamespaulley

Music: Ascher Nathan | @aschernathan

Artwork: Leah Borromeo | @monstris

Additional Artwork: Peter Kennard | @at_earth

Images: Amnesty International | James Lawler Duggan | Alessio Romenzi


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