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Sex trafficking: sign a petition to Hilton Hotels

Avaaz has an action demanding Hilton Hotels to counter sex trafficking.  Brothels were found in Hilton hotels in Ireland and China and thousands wrote to protest.  Now Avaaz is petitioning Chris Nassetta, boss of the hotel chain.  When they reach the initial target they will take out adverts in newspapers in McLean, Virginia, where Nassetta lives and works, to shame him into action. Signatures are being added at two or more every second, with many of them from various countries in Europe and some from other continents.  As far as I have seen there is hardly anyone signing from the USA.  Come on you Americans, surely you do not all believe that anything is allowed as long as it makes a profit?    

Avaaz wants Hilton Hotels to sign up to an international code to control sex traficking, requiring staff to be trained to detect and help women or girls who are in danger.

It is easy to sign the petition and once you have given your details you will be able to sign more Avaaz petitions by just entering your e-mail address and clicking on send.

Update, 31 Oct. 2010:  The petition has passed the initial target of a quarter of a million signatures. 

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