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October 2010 (9)
Oct 29 2010 7:55PM
Unreported World on Channel 4: Zimbabwe's blood diamonds

On 29 October 2010 Channel 4's investigative series, Unreported World, showed a report on Zimbabwe which found that there is still corruption and terror in that country. People are unwilling to talk much about the diamond fields but...

Oct 28 2010 9:37PM
Survival International suffers cyber-attack

Survival International came under cyber-attack from thousands of computers yesterday evening, so that for now this temporary page replaces their usual website. A week earlier Survival International had drawn attention to a shocking...

Oct 22 2010 1:58PM
Mexico's Indian Rebellion on Unreported World, Channel 4

Unreported World on Channel 4 on Friday showed us Mexico's Indian Rebellion.

Oct 22 2010 1:51PM
Sex trafficking: sign a petition to Hilton Hotels

Avaaz has an action demanding Hilton Hotels to counter sex trafficking. Brothels were found in Hilton hotels in Ireland and China and thousands wrote to protest. Now Avaaz is petitioning Chris Nassetta, boss of the hotel chain. When...

Oct 22 2010 12:46PM
Many miners not so lucky

33 miners were rescued in Chile with many around the world watching. Others are not so lucky. Victor Figueroa-Clark writes about Colombia's bad record on mine safety on the website of Justice for Colombia. Mines there are not required...

Oct 19 2010 9:42PM
Tormented Lives - attacks on people with learning disabilities

Tormented Lives is a report by Rosa Monckton exposing the reality of life for those people with learning disabilities who suffer hate crimes. The film was shown on BBC 1 on Tuesday 19 October 2010 but is available on the website for...

Oct 12 2010 10:01PM
Over-population in Manila

Channel 4's Unreported World goes to Manila for this Friday's film. Manila, the capital of the Phillipines, is one of the world's most overpopulated cities. Maternity wards, schools and graveyards are all struggling to cope. Jenny...

Oct 6 2010 5:25PM
Freemuse: music that annoys the dictators

The Amnesty shop is selling a CD, Listen to the Banned, of music that has been banned by dictators and authorities in various places. The CD is compiled by Deeyah, an artist who has stopped performing because of frequent threats and...

Oct 4 2010 11:56PM
Malaria is caused by.....

Yes, malaria is caused by a parasite that is spread from person to person by mosquito bites. We know that much but there is more to be said. Unreported World on Channel 4 has just started a new series with an investigation of the...