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Music again and a Protestzanger!

A singer I have liked for years is June Tabor and she is doing a concert in Gent, Belgium on 10 Nov. 2008 with Huw Warren and Mark Emerson.  The concert is to mark four important anniversaries including 90 years since the 1918 Armistice and 70 years since Kristallnacht

A song that June Tabor sings about the 1914 – 1918 war is titled No Man's Land or William McBride.  The song is by Eric Bogle and is a series of questions to a soldier who died in 1916 aged only nineteen. 

The website of the venue in Belgium also lists a concert on 12 September 2008, to be given by Abu “Araki” Al-Bakheit,.  Details are in Flemish which is not one of my strengths (not at all) but I think that I can guess the meaning of  "Legendarische Protestzanger uit Soedan".  I reckon that Protestzanger sounds stronger than protest singer!

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