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How to spend $460 557 600 000

Just have another look at that amount and realise how gigantic it is. It is the cost so far of war in Iraq to the taxpayers of the United States. Or rather it was but the figure is already out of date as I write this. It is climbing by several thousand dollars each second. I do not know what the equivalent cost to the taxpayers of the UK is but it cannot be so enormous. Looking at the financial cost is only one way of thinking but surely this money from the USA and the UK could be better spent?

Cost of the War in Iraq



The cost of the war calculated by the National Priorities Project.

Protesters in San Francisco and other cities think that the priorities should be different. Jason Dearen reports on Yahoo News that thousands of people called for a swift end to the war in Iraq as they marched through San Francisco on Saturday 27 October, chanting and carrying signs that read: "Wall Street Gets Rich, Iraqis and GIs Die" or "Drop Tuition Not Bombs."

Update, 4 Feb. 2010:  The figure is now approaching $957 000 000 000 and is still climbing. 

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