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October 2007 (6)
Oct 31 2007 2:50PM
Blogging for Amnesty: how, why.

I have been blogging here since June 2006. I decided to start the blog because I like to write and share my opinions in support of Amnesty International. I like the idea of using the internet to keep up with events and respond quickly...

Oct 31 2007 2:47PM
Child labour in cotton fields

Yesterday's Newsnight programme on BBC television had a report filmed undercover in Uzbekistan. The report showed that schools are closed and children taken by coach to the fields to pick cotton. Most of the cotton is exported and ends...

Oct 29 2007 8:44PM
Lawyers' Association concerned about death penalty

A Report from the American Bar Association describes shortcomings of procedures for the death penalty in eight states.

Oct 28 2007 12:16AM
Iraq's Descent into Chaos

No Plan, No Peace: The Inside Story of Iraq's Descent into Chaos is on BBC1 television on at 10:15 pm on Sunday 28 October and even later at 10:45 pm the following evening. I will be watching this series with interest. I have also been...

Oct 16 2007 11:03PM
How to spend $460 557 600 000

Just have another look at that amount and realise how gigantic it is. It is the cost so far of war in Iraq to the taxpayers of the United States. Or rather it was but the figure is already out of date as I write this. It is climbing by...

Oct 16 2007 10:36PM
"Rendition" coming to the cinemas

I am keen to see the film Rendition although I have not yet found out when it will be shown in Shropshire. I looked at the website of the film and although it is rather flashy and artistic rather than easy and quick to navigate I did...