May 2016 (3)
May 18 2016 3:35PM
The déjà vu Queen’s Speech
You can’t beat the Palace of Westminster for a good ol’ slice of pomp and ceremony. Did you know that every year, ahead of the State opening of Parliament (or Queen’s Speech to the non-political geeks), the Beefeaters still sweep Westm...
May 9 2016 5:19PM
The government’s hokey-cokey on the European Convention is a dangerous game
IN or OUT that’s the question, but the debate before parliament today and the speech from the Home Secretary last week ventured to propose an altogether different Brexit: not from the EU, but from the European Convention on Human Right...
May 9 2016 4:47PM
As Europe continues to shirk responsibility, Kenya threatens to quit hosting refugees
On Friday, the Kenyan government announced it intends to close its refugee camps. These camps host over 600,000 refugees – mostly in Kakuma and Dadaab, the latter being the world’s largest refugee camp. The announcement will bring much...