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November 2013 (3)
Nov 15 2013 2:12PM
Cameron raises Sri Lanka's war crimes - but is it too little, too late?

As David Cameron arrives in Colombo, fresh from a grilling in India about his choice to attend the Commonwealth head of government meeting (CHOGM) he seems to have found his voice at last on human rights concerns. But is his outcry...

Nov 6 2013 4:46PM
Sri Lanka - the Kings of Spin

There are just some issues that get under your skin. If you watched No Fire Zone on Channel Four this week you’ll understand why I’ve got the bit between my teeth about Sri Lanka . 40,000 civilians (or more) were killed at the end of...

Nov 6 2013 3:06PM
The gunpowder plot, fireworks and the Lobbying Bill

Earlier this week I found myself emailing all Peers to urge them to vote for a pause of Part 2 Lobbying Bill, which was being debated in the Lords on 5 November. A couple things struck me as I did this. Firstly, I’m usually reluctant...