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2024 (9)
Jun 27 2024 12:07PM
Gender-based Violence and Homelessness by Gabriela Quevedo

Gabriela Quevedo from Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) explains the challenges and opportunities for supporting Black and minoritised survivors of violence – who struggle to obtain support and justice from public authorities

Jun 26 2024 12:37PM
Women's Rights & Foreign Policy by Baroness Helic

Foreign policy should protect women’s rights as a core part of human rights and international law. This, says Conservative peer Baroness Helic, is part of the route to security and prosperity for Britain.

Jun 26 2024 12:37PM
International Courts - A Force For Order And Justice by Lord Garnier

Lawyer and parliamentarian Lord Garnier traces the story of Europe’s Human Rights Convention and Court. He warns critics that moving away from it would create a massive headache for any UK prime minister – and leave us all worse off.

Jun 26 2024 12:37PM
The Right To Protest - Beyond Just Stop Oil by Irina Von Wiese

Liberal Democrat Irina von Wiese, a lawyer and civil rights activist, says the new government must reverse the creeping erosion of human rights in recent legislation and restore the right to protest in the UK.

Jun 26 2024 12:37PM
Developing A China Strategy by Benedict Rogers

Benedict Rogers - human rights activist, co-founder & chief executive of Hong Kong Watch, co-founder & deputy chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission - argues that UK Gov needs a clear & consistent China strategy.

Jun 26 2024 12:34PM
Out Of The Wilderness by Francesca Klug

Francesca Klug, visiting professor at LSE Human Rights, asks if we stand at a watershed moment for human rights in the UK.

Jun 26 2024 12:24PM
Designing Out Homelessness by Sharon Thompson

Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council and Deputy Mayor of West Midlands Combined Authority, Sharon Thompson experienced homelessness as a teenager. She tells the incoming government to implement an effective housing strategy.

Jun 26 2024 12:08PM
The Insecure World of the Gig Economy and Improving Workers’ Rights by Riz Hussain

TUC Anti–Racism Officer Riz Hussain explains the harsh and insecure world of the gig economy and suggests solutions to improve workers’ rights.

Jun 26 2024 10:43AM
Preventing Mass Atrocity by Baroness Helena Kennedy

Renowned lawyer and human rights activist Baroness Helena Kennedy calls for the UK government to use the ‘loudest and clearest voice’ on the global stage to prevent mass atrocity violence.