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August 2015 (3)
Aug 21 2015 11:18AM
A deal in Calais, but the UK must do more

Europe’s refugee ‘crisis’ continues to dominate headlines. This week, EU external border agency Frontex reported a record number of 107,500 people had arrived at Europe's borders irregularly – that is without permission and via...

Aug 11 2015 10:59AM
Philip Hammond's scare-mongering remarks on Calais are ill-informed and dangerous

Philip Hammond's recent remarks on the situation at Calais are reckless and they are shameful, but sadly they're also all too familiar. Once again, a senior minister is cranking up the rhetoric and stoking up anxiety, careless - or...

Aug 4 2015 3:36PM
Calais migrants: the dangerous link between rhetoric and policy

The situation at Calais is far from new. Calais has long been a place to which refugees and other migrants have come in the hope of getting to the UK. In 2002, it was mostly Iraqis and Afghans. Now there appears to be a wider range of...