February 2012 (3)
Feb 17 2012 2:58PM
Still everything to play for with an arms treaty

It’s late on Thursday evening on day four of the Arms Trade Treaty preparatory conference. As I write, states participating in the conference have as yet not reached an agreement on the crucial rules of procedure that will determine...

Feb 15 2012 3:11PM
Make love not loopholes

Love was truly in the air today at the UN Arms Trade Treaty talks, being of course valentines day. Some handed out roses, we handed out campaign stickers. Our message to delegates: “Show some love for the arms trade treaty” and “make...

Feb 13 2012 1:35PM
Any old Arms Trade Treaty not an option

So here I am, sitting in a cold New York, writing our first Blog on the eve of the start of the fifth and final Arms Trade Treaty preparatory negotiations, the culmination of nearly 20 years of work to establish a set of strong and...