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August 2013 (4)
Aug 29 2013 4:13PM
More action is needed for Mexico's disappeared

'Disappeared'. It was in Latin America that this word first took on its new and cruel meaning. The "disappeared" have not vanished into thin air: many have been killed. Others will almost certainly never see their family again, held by...

Aug 22 2013 3:18PM
Ellsberg, Manning, Snowden: the varying fates of whistleblowers.

“ It wasn't what he said exactly that changed my worldview. It was the example he was setting with his life. How his words in general showed that he was a stellar American. There was no question in my mind that my government was...

Aug 16 2013 12:00AM
Vedanta: Ten Nil to the Dongria Kondh

In April 2013 the Indian Supreme Court put the decision about whether or not a bauxite mine could be built in Orissa back in the hands of the local village councils. Here one of our Country Coordinators for South Asia provides an...

Aug 9 2013 5:48PM
Indigenous Day in Bangladesh

I had the privilege of attending the Indigenous day celebrations in Dhaka on 9 th August 2011. It was a wonderful colourful event. I saw the clothes and dances of the peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts that I was familiar with and...