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2012 (10)
Dec 21 2012 6:42PM
Happy Birthday Pocket Protest

It’s hard to believe, but our SMS action network is one year old! In that time it’s been given a name – Pocket Protest; grown from nothing to almost 20,000 members; and, most importantly, has given us a new way to mobilise supporters...

Nov 5 2012 10:49AM
Teachers locked up after calling for a strike - tell Bahrain to drop the charges

‘Mama’s tears are heartbreaking…563 days were hard…5 years a nightmare’ – Mahdi ‘Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb’s daughter responds to him receiving a five year sentence on appeal In early 2011, as peaceful protests spread across Bahrain, Jalila...

Oct 11 2012 12:15PM
Free Chinese housing rights activist, Ni Yulan

Update 11/10/2013: Ni Yulan was released from prison on 5 October. She has been reunited with her family including her husband, Dong Jiqin. She plans to sue Beijing's Xicheng District Public Security Bureau for holding her and her...

Aug 31 2012 12:01PM
Stop the execution spree in Gambia

This text action is now closed and we have sent all names received to the Gambian authorities. However, you can email the Gambian authorities directly. Take action: end the execution spree in Gambia ‘These past few days have been...

Jul 5 2012 4:20PM
Pussy Riot needs your support - text and stand up for free speech

17 August 2012 - Two-year sentence announced. This action is now closed. Nadezhda, Maria and Ekaterina have been sentenced two years service in a penal colony, after Moscow City Court found them guilty of 'hooliganism on grounds of...

Jun 7 2012 10:49AM
Children jailed in Syria for their father's alleged crimes

This action is now closed. Thank you to the thousands of you who responded. Last month, eight-year-old Osama Hamada was arrested in Syria. He was taken from his home during a raid by security forces, along with his ten-year-old brother...

Mar 30 2012 6:07PM
Jailed after listening to hip hop

On Christmas Day 2010, brothers Antonio Michel and Marcos Máiquel Lima Cruz were arrested during a private party at their home in Cuba. Their crime? Listening to an underground hip hop group whose lyrics criticise the government, and...

Mar 6 2012 2:44PM
Belgrade Roma face forced eviction

Thanks for texting and taking action - this action is now closed . Unfortunately the Serbian authorities didn't heed our calls, and 10 of the families have now been rehoused in completely unsuitable metal containers with no access to...

Feb 17 2012 4:50PM
Saudi Arabia: Tweeter may face death penalty

Thanks for texting and taking action - this action is now closed . We're continuing to monitor Hamza Kashgari's case, and hope we'll be able to share news on his case soon. Hamza Kashgari may be charged with apostasy (giving up one’s...

Jan 19 2012 5:17PM
Clemency for Christi Cheramie

Thanks for texting and taking action - this action is now closed . We're continuing to monitor Christi's case, and hopefully we'll be able to share news and further actions you can take soon. In June 1994, aged just 16, Christi...