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January 2012 (3)
Jan 30 2012 4:38PM
ACTION: Attempted Kidnap of Female Defender (UA 26/12)

Hello once again. We have just received news from our head office (the International Secretariat) that there was an attempt to kidnap a Colombian Human Rights Defender amid her pursuit of justice for the rape and killing of her...

Jan 26 2012 2:59PM
ACTION: Honduran Human Rights Defender at Risk (UA 22/12)

Hi Amnesty International supporters! Thank you for visiting our blog. We're still developing the Urgent Action Network blog and are keen to receive any feedback you may be able to give. Below you will find our first Urgent Action post...

Jan 23 2012 6:23PM
Welcome to the Urgent Action blog

Hello and welcome to the Urgent Action Network blog! This blog is run by the Urgent Action team volunteers and staff in Individuals at Risk team and we hope it will be somewhere you will come back to again and again to take action...