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April 2013 (4)
Apr 7 2013 5:09PM
A Living Literature Walk

Help celebrate the publication of the Methuen Drama book of suffragette Plays. Participants needed on 20th and 27th April for a 'living literature walk' following the suffragettes through theatre land. The event is organised by Scary...

Apr 6 2013 7:43PM
Prisoner of conscience denied visits by family

5 th Update UA 232/12 3 April 2013 URGENT ACTION MDE 11/008/13 PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE DENIED VISITS BY FAMILY BAHRAIN Zainab Al-Khawaja (f) Bahraini activist Zainab Al-Khawaja has been denied family visits since mid-March for refusing...

Apr 5 2013 6:57PM
Land activists receive death threats in Colombia

UA 77/13 2 April 2013 URGENT ACTION AMR 23/015/2013 LAND ACTIVISTS RECEIVE DEATH THREATS COLOMBIA Mariluz Vásquez Fernández (f), Ingrid Vergara (f), Iván Cepeda (m), Marivel Vásquez Fernández (f), Gustavo Enrique Arrieta Pérez (m)...

Apr 3 2013 8:54PM
Human Rights Lawyer in Danger in Colombia

On 10 October 2012, a man pushed a gun into the chest of human rights defender Alfamir Castillo and told her that both she and her lawyer were going to die. You can help protect her now Alfamir’s son was murdered by the Colombian army...